September 2018

Recycled Island Foundation continues on Ambon

At the end of August again two students, Thomas and Robin, flew to Indonesia. This students will continue with the findings of their predecessors for their graduation research. Thomas and Robin will continue the optimization of the local Litter Trap. These students will also share their experiences in vlogs.

Watch the vlog now!

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September 2018

New international collaboration

Recycled Island Foundation started a new international collaboration.

What this exactly means? We will let you know soon!

July 2018

3D-print XL! Sofa of recycled plastic

After the realization of the floating park, we have done a first test with 3D printing of large objects. In addition to the floating park, we are looking at a broader application of recycling of the captured plastics. In this way we stimulate and increase the recycling of plastic. Recycled Island Foundation has realized a first sofa in collaboration with Audi Environmental Foundation. This sofa is made with a 3D printer. Where a filament of recycled plastic is used. The sofa is placed and displayed at various Audi locations. In this way we broaden the international application of our concept and the possibilities of recycling. Like Recycled Park, the sofa contains green elements. There is space for plants and even for a tree in the middle of the bench. RIF continues to innovate in order to increase the reuse of materials and to have a positive impact on the environment. This 3D-print XL sofa is the beginning of many application possibilities.

07 2018

July 2018

140m2 Recycled Park realized

In the Rotterdam harbor our prototype is realized. After almost five years of designing, plastic retrieval, recycling, fund raising and intensive collaboration we will proudly open the prototype on July 4th. The floating park will illustrate what the potential is in the creation of new floating landscapes with recycled plastics as material. The park is constructed in a variation of hexagonal building blocks, from which a divers landscape is created. The floating park contributes to greening the city and the improvement of the ecosystem in the Rotterdam harbor. Currently we are exploring new locations for this concept.

June 2018

Successful littertraps

In the Rotterdam harbor we have successfully completed the pilot with three passive Litter Traps. After 1,5 year of developing, testing and improving we have developed a system to capture floating plastics in rivers and ports. Preventing plastics to enter the sea and ocean. Our Litter Trap captures and contains floating litter despite ship traffic and tidal changes. Time lapse photos show the retrieved litter stays inside the trap until emptied for recycling purposes. The Litter Traps are implementable worldwide in ports, rivers and river mouths.

The Litter Traps are developed in collaboration with Hebo Maritiemservice with the support of the Rotterdam municipality.

May 2018

Two new litter traps for Ambon, Indonesia

In the bay of Ambon two new concept Litter Traps are realized to stop plastics from entering the sea. In Indonesia we share our experience and knowledge on litter retrieval and effective reuse of plastics. The current Litter Traps are constructed from local materials with local support and collaboration. The process is shown in a series of vlogs. Hereby the vlog of the placement of the two new traps. The Litter Traps in Ambon are a first step for an international approach and follow up of our ongoing project Recycled Park Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

April 2018

Co-operation with Audi Environmental Foundation
At the end of April we went to Brussels to sign a cooperation agreement with the Audi Environmental Foundation. After our visit to Brussels, we were able to show the litter trap and the pilot of the floating park to Audi Environmental Foundation. Recycled Island Foundation is honored that Audi Environmental Foundation has chosen us as the organization that they want to support from their sustainable point of view. We of our foundation are looking forward to the projects that will arise from this.

April 2018

Vlogs Indonesia
The four students who are currently doing their research in Indonesia for the foundation, have made two new vlogs. Rob and Koen, based in Ambon, show us this time the scale of the plastic problem in the local river. They also went to the landfill where locals are already sorting waste. Ide and Menno present their research results on Saparua. Click on the pictures to open the vlogs.

February 2018

First vlog Saparua

The Recycled Island Foundation is acting towards a plastic free sea. Together with the Rotterdam University we prevent plastic litter to enter the sea, currently on Saparua one of Indonesia’s Islands.

This is the first Vlog of our ongoing project.

Besides Saparua we are active in Rotterdam - the Netherlands, Ambon - Indonesia and Can Tho - Vietnam.

February 2018

New Employee - Maaike De Waele

Since February I am part of the Recycled Island team as project coordinator to strengthen the foundation. Before, during and after my study Water Management I have committed a lot (from different perspectives) with the plastic problem in waterways. Because of my love for water (as Water manager, Aquarius, surfer etc.) I feel really passionate about contributing in reducing the plastic soup. Another interested of me is exploring the world. I will combine this passions and use them at Recycled Island, so that we can work together towards a plastic free sea.

November 2018

New Litter Trap in Ambon

New passive Litter Trap in Ambon Indonesia; preventing plastic litter from entering our seas and oceans! The new Litter trap is positioned in the river mouth stopping the continuous flow of plastic litter from the river to the sea. This new Litter trap is an improved version of the two Litter traps we positioned in Ambon at the beginning of this year and based on the three Litter traps we have in Rotterdam.

Many thanks to Robin and Thomas, Pahlawan Sampah Maluku, Unpatty University, Rotterdam University of Applied Science and LIPI.

11 2018
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